Oh coffee, dear coffee

Friday RDP: Coffee

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I like to say I’m a social drinker when it comes to coffee.  My favorite is espresso, and I have such weakness for its aroma. The taste must not be bitter or harsh as it goes down the throat and lands warm in one’s belly.  It’s not unlike a fine brandy that goes down smooth and velvety but then can burn a hole in your stomach when


it hits bottom. 

Lately, tea sits better in my stomach.  Black English tea with oatmeal cakes for breakfast is part of my morning ritual and green tea infused with fruits for during the day. Sometimes, an herbal tea gets me through the night.  When I’m visiting with a coffee drinker, however, I can’t resist the smell, the heavenly fragrance of a good cup of coffee; the intoxicating aroma of espresso does make me a bit tipsy, and I struggle with the temptation knowing I will regret it later. 

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Although you can get a great coffee smell and of course good coffee from the single cup pods, I prefer an authentic espresso maker.  To be clear, I’m not talking about the big digitalized models that take up half one’s counter space; I’m speaking of a small pot on the stove top.  It brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee.  I’ve concluded, that the secret to both good tea and coffee is in the boiling water – a hot running boil.  Sometimes if I’m feeling really daring, I will have my espresso with milk, steamed and made foamy with a handheld frother.   I know I’m going to lie awake thinking about it tonight, then I can say  “ I couldn’t sleep last night because of the coffee.”


Seriously though, besides the physical pleasure from the coffee, I also have an emotional attachment.  I don’t have to taste the coffee to feel I’m at my mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen table feeling safe and loved.  When we were young, we would have a cup of hot milk with a couple of drops of coffee.  We felt so grown up when we were able to participate in having a “café con leche” with the elders.  

Many years later when I lived alone in an apartment building in an old mill city in New England, there lived an older gentleman at the end of the hall near the exit door.  Every morning as I set out to go to work, I would be assaulted with the smell of freshly brewed espresso.  I knew he was making it like my grandmother and I was often tempted to knock on the door and invite myself in.  He didn’t seem like a friendly fellow; I wonder what would have happened if we were to share a cup of coffee and a piece of warm homemade bread with real butter.   What stories would he have to tell?  What stories would we have in common?

What’s your relationship with coffee?  Is it just a way to make it through the day?  Does the smell of coffee connect you with a memory of a loved one? An old friend perhaps?

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8 thoughts on “Oh coffee, dear coffee

  1. Hello Lindi Roze,

    Thank you for sharing some of your coffee / expresso stories.

    When I was a kid my dad used to let me drink decaffeinated coffee on Sundays with a lot of cream and sugar, but my mom stopped letting me drink coffee back then. 😀

    I seem to be more sensitive to caffeine, maybe because of anxiety and / or my genes, and so I usually can not have much or I will get caffeine headaches / increased blood pressure / increased heart rate / et cetera.

    Recently I have been having very sweet sweet tea (black tea) sometimes.

    -John Jr

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    1. Seems to be a conscensous, lots of folks who responded are tea drinkers. I do unsweet tea, which is considered a “northern” thing here in Florida. My problem is stomach aches with coffee, espcially when i drink black espresso. That’s why I do it only on occasion. Still love the smell, like fresh bread yum.. Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate hearing from others, we all have our stories. Have a good week.

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      1. Hello Lindi Roze,

        Unsweet tea, wow, I do not know how you do it. 😀

        I think that I get that sometimes with frappés from Dairy Queen, I thought that it was just because I usually have them before or after jogging, and so I thought that it was just a heat thing or something.

        I like the smell as well.

        You are welcome, and thank you for responding.

        -John Jr

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  2. I love the smell of coffee. I love the taste of coffee. I just don’t like the way I feel after drinking coffee – jittery and anxious. I hardly ever drink the stuff anymore. Great prompt response!

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  3. My affair with coffee is not to even smell it. Strong coffee turns my stomach over to the point of nausea. Whether it was something in my childhood, or whether it is a physical allergy, I have no idea, but I want it nowhere near me. A good caffeine-free tea is delicious, but cold beverages are my favourite. This does not include beer, wine or spitits, but cold water, especially carbonated water. I love the little bubbles… Add a taste of dill, priceless.
    I know I’m weird, but hey, I love the way I live. I hope you do too.

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    1. Yes. I love water and carbonated water as well. I prefer it to regular soft drinks. I’ve been a tea drinker for at least half a life time. Don’t undermine a dill pickle! I like dill on steamed red potatoes. So are we the weird ones or is everyone else wrong? That is the question. Good thing about growing up… we are free to be.. Have a great weekend. Looks like I “pinged” correctly because you were able to see the post. Thanks for checking in with me. All the best.


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