Blogging 101- Assignment #2 – Revise the title…

I liked this assignment.  It forced me to focus on another title for my blog, something more unique, more ME.  I was fond of that “Swirling Around in My Head” idea.  In fact, it had been “swirling” from the minute I started to contemplate writing a blog.   After I set up my theme with title and tag line, I decided to Google it.   Low and behold I found that there are lots of people with things “swirling around” in their respective heads.   I knew I had to make a change.

Here’s what I came up with:


A blog all about me and the thoughts I won’t share in pleasant company or FB

I think this new title is a play on words that really speaks to why I thought about writing a blog in the first place.  I wanted a place where I could speak my mind and impart the wisdom of my personal evolution without worrying that I’m offending someone.

Time for a little background:

When I was about 5 years old, my mother said she received a miraculous healing from God. She was almost 25 and going blind.  My aunt, my father’s sister, took her to a healing service and that was it.  Mom had faith.  It was done. She became a born-again Christian.  And so it was that, I was raised a fundamentalist evangelical in a place somewhere between a Southern Baptist and a Pentecostal. I went to bible institute, bible College, played guitar and Christian folk music in coffee shops, taught Sunday school and held leadership positions.

My parents weren’t radicals in the faith which allowed me the opportunity to come to my own conclusions and practice faith in my own way in spite of the environment. About the time I was turning 40 and going through a rough patch, I decided I had enough.  I needed more spirituality and less religion.  I’ve had some pretty strong opinions over the past few years when radical Christians are trying to run or ruin the country (depending on which side you are on). I still have friends and family that are pastors, missionaries, music ministers or quite involved their churches.  These folks are very dear to me.  They are good people and I prefer to stay away from hot topics on politics and religion at gatherings.

This brings me back to this blog about Me, Self-censored.

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