Getting to know my blogging neighbors- Assignment #3

Day three and Blogging 101 is turning out to be quite fun.  I’ve checked in on other bloggers in the class and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  As someone else mentioned- it can be a full time job!  I’ll check out more new ones again at another time.

I find that I prefer light hearted musings of everyday life. There are quite a bit of really great ones with great pictures and creative storytelling.  Some already look quite polished.

What have I learned from the experience that I will use in my blog?

  1. There is no end to the possibilities!
  2. Take my camera out more or figure out a good place to get good stock photos that won’t break the bank.
  3. Be creative, have fun and don’t make it a chore
  4. A complicated topic needs to be dished out in increments or the reader may zone out.
  5. Use the preview button

Hope to see you around some time.

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