A Little Bit More About Me

Assignment for the Blogging 101- linked to my personal blog-Swirling Around In My Head.

You could say I got carried away with enthusiasm.  Once I had this blog set up, I started another one shortly after.  My original idea was to start this personal one and once I felt comfortable, I would start the other for work.

At this point in my life however, I realize that sometimes you have to respond to a situation like the commercial says: “just do it”.  I think I’ll change my one word for the year to “DO!”.  Yes, with the exclamation point just to remind me.

People have always encouraged me to write and tell my stories, but life got in the way. In my search for inspiration at the end of 2014, I found this quote:  “Tomorrow (noun):  a mythical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.”  Anonymous  

I didn’t want to wait another few months or perhaps years to get started.  I just jumped in.  I’m getting warmed up.  I’ve a grand total of 4 posts – if you count this one.  I’m finding my way around both sites and signed up for Blogging 101 at Blog U.  It starts today.  By the end of the course, keeping up with two blogs will be a piece of cake.

There’s more information about me, why and because in my first post.  The picture is of my Eliza Doolittle, more about her in another post.  Purple is my favorite color and that is a sunrise over the Bay at one of my favorite places to chill or meditate or both.     Feel free to take a look.