So this is it… My Blog

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for some time now. Two blogs as a matter of fact. One for my personal musings and one for work.

I am a Realtor(R). I enjoy working with people to find that perfect place to call home. I enjoy talking about how wonderful it is to live in the Tampa Bay area where everything seems to be just a short ride away. There’s so much to do and see. I wanted to write for work to get the message across that not all Realtors are just after a quick buck. First of all there is nothing quick about making money in sales- much less real estate sales. Second of all, most of us Realtors(R) do enjoy our clients and make client satisfaction our priority. We work hard to get the best deal for them whether they are buying or selling.

But THIS blog is about me. It’s about my opinions regarding such topics that are not polite to speak of in pleasant company – religion and politics. It’s also about my observation and thoughts of the world around me. Questions that swirl in my head often have multiple answers, some are obvious others are just under the surface, while others are buried like Pompeii or the pyramids in Egypt.

I love story telling and putting together pieces of history so that the world makes sense.
I love my family and special friends that I’ve been fortunate to share time with all the way.
My theme song currently is Zac Brown’s “knee Deep”. I heard it was written in reference to the islands, but it works just fine for me here in Florida.

So you see this blog will be a little of this and a little of that. I hope you can join me from time to time.