Reflections of A to Z Challenge April 2018

Blog A-to-Z Reflection [2018]

A few days after I had started blogging again, a blogger I follow posted her theme reveal for the April 2018 A to Z Challenge.   As I read her post, I got excited because this Challenge sounded like a perfect way to develop the habit of writing every day. My life is less hectic now, and I felt there was really no excuse but to be consistent with my writing.  I knew the exercise would help me to be more disciplined.  I also enjoy and actually fare better, when I am working with a team or in a community. I thought this was perfect!

Without much thought to the process, I clicked the link and signed up.  I did not post on all twenty-six letters, but I was glad that I was able to get as much done as I did.  The A to Z Challenge April 2018 did serve its purpose for my personal goals.  I have made blogging part of my daily routine.  I didn’t get much feedback, but I did enjoy exploring other blogs.  Because of my limited experience with blogging, I learned a lot from the different styles of writing, and of course, I enjoyed the creativity.  It also encouraged me to take more pictures when I am out and about. 

There were some issues that made the A to Z Challenge more demanding than it needed to be.   The first was I was sick the first week of the challenge and the next week I was trying to catch up until I convinced myself that was not necessary.  I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on.  Second, my theme was broad and not clear – even to me.  I chalk it up to the fact that I really had no clue what I was doing when I signed up, and I had no overall plan.   Sometimes I felt like I was on Sesame Street trying to find a prompt from random words for the “letter of the day.”   Somedays it was amusing to me as I sang … “the letter of the day is here…” in my head of course.   I was able to come up with a post whether from my unfinished work or an idea that popped into my head while humming that tune all morning.

The only negative thing I can say is that for some reason I did not feel connected to the group.  Perhaps I misread the instructions, and as I indicated I earlier, I didn’t understand the process.  I tried to get back to the original page where I had signed up to review the instructions, but I could not find it.  I did not understand it was a page outside of  I did not get the daily badges with a different letter each day.  I still don’t understand much about the spreadsheet or how to post to a community page.  I’m hoping this will get there. 

Overall, there is no question that I would do it again.   Thanks so much to the hosts for organizing it; looks like there was a lot more behind the scenes work than I realized. I’m hoping I can get things straight for next year.   Looking forward to 2019.   Lindi Roze


Working my way back…

Its been several months since I’ve sat down to write something to share on the blog. The thoughts and opinions have been there for sure, but I’ve let things in my life get in the way.   There’s always been something more important or more pressing.

Today, I’m going to give myself permission to skip a few levels on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and just go straight to creativity.    Maslows_hierarchy_of_needs

Even though I know that time and time again the “trickle down effect” has not worked for politics,  I want to change things up and get my creative juices flowing. So much is going on in the world around me – beautiful things, scary things, funny things and yet I haven’t taken the time to sit with any of these thoughts or feelings.

I think I’ll focus my writing on my current life chapter.  I’m in transition again.  Sometimes I joke and swear that I’ve “Gypsy” blood.  I’ve move so many times in my adult life and haven’t quite found the place where I feel I can say, “I’m home again”.   Did my DNA for a genetic ethnic match but no Gypsy cousins were found.

As of today and for the time being, I will focus my blog on what its like to be looking for a job after “retirement” and finding affordable housing with “a small dog under 20 lbs” in Florida’s fabulous SW region.

Until next time….