Working my way back…

Its been several months since I’ve sat down to write something to share on the blog. The thoughts and opinions have been there for sure, but I’ve let things in my life get in the way.   There’s always been something more important or more pressing.

Today, I’m going to give myself permission to skip a few levels on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and just go straight to creativity.    Maslows_hierarchy_of_needs

Even though I know that time and time again the “trickle down effect” has not worked for politics,  I want to change things up and get my creative juices flowing. So much is going on in the world around me – beautiful things, scary things, funny things and yet I haven’t taken the time to sit with any of these thoughts or feelings.

I think I’ll focus my writing on my current life chapter.  I’m in transition again.  Sometimes I joke and swear that I’ve “Gypsy” blood.  I’ve move so many times in my adult life and haven’t quite found the place where I feel I can say, “I’m home again”.   Did my DNA for a genetic ethnic match but no Gypsy cousins were found.

As of today and for the time being, I will focus my blog on what its like to be looking for a job after “retirement” and finding affordable housing with “a small dog under 20 lbs” in Florida’s fabulous SW region.

Until next time….