The Girls were home today

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The alarm went off as usual at 6:30 AM even though it was the weekend.  She heard Cason go into the shower and wondered where he was going so early today.  She rolled over got comfortable again.  It was too early to the day to start.  She heard him getting dressed and in a short while he mumbled something about the Club on his way out the door.  Whatever the reason that got him up and out this morning, she was grateful.

Time to get moving

The sun peeked through the blinds, and Arielle Delsapo jumped out of bed with excitement.  It was already 7:30 in the morning!  The kids were home for the weekend, and she loved it!  She planned to cook their favorite meals and pour on the loving.  Arielle still liked to make everything special for them whenever she had a chance.  She believed that if they found love and tranquility in their home, the world would seem like a better place.   

Not ready to tell them

Arielle pulled the curtains and opened the windows.  It was important to let the bright morning sun and fresh spring air fill every corner of the house with the beginning of a brand new day.  She quickly stuffed the bed covers in the hall closet and arranged the cushions on the couch.   She wanted to enjoy the day and not waste time explaining why she was sleeping on the sofa bed.  Satisfied that everything looked, as usual, she went to the room to shower and change.

Time to Cook it up

She looked at the time. She was glad Cason has gone to the club early this morning; he would probably be gone all day. That worked out fine.  It was 8:30 AM, surely the girls were awake already.  Like her, they were early risers but were enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, reading in bed and cuddling with the cats.  She knew once she started cooking, the smell of all their favorites would make it impossible to stay in bed.  She lovingly prepared pancakes, scrambled eggs, crisp bacon.  Her Dad would be here soon with an Italian breadstick warm from the bakery, and they would have real butter. 

She knew the kids would want coffee.  She took out her mom’s stovetop espresso maker for some old fashion “café con leche.”  The coffee would go on last to make sure they had a freshly brewed pot. She knew they would be out in the kitchen as soon as the fusion of aromas reached the bedrooms and announced that breakfast was ready.  She put out food for the cats and sat to drink some by the window as she waited for them all to get up. She enjoyed the smells and the sounds of a peaceful house. The curtains waved gracefully in the morning breeze hypnotizing and transporting her to another place full of anticipation and hope. She sipped her tea and let it take her away…..

The Kitchen smells of love

Arielle was snapped back to her kitchen as quickly as she had slipped out.  Lovey came into the kitchen sniffing the air with her eyes closed. “The cat wanted to get out. Hmmmm, yum  – where’s the coffee? “ Annie followed shortly after, she put her head down on the kitchen table and grumbled, “coffee?” Relieved for the interruption of her thoughts, Arielle jumped up to get a couple of mugs. 

The Grandpa and the fresh bread

As expected, her Dad arrived on cue with the warm bread, at 9:30 am. The girls were always happy to see him.  “Abuelo!”  Hugs and kisses all around.  Lovey grabbed another mug and plate, and Annie got the milk. They all sat around the table. They ate, laughed, and put on another pot of coffee.  Before they knew it, it was almost noon, and the girls were still in their pajamas.  Her Dad said he had errands to run and managed his goodbyes, without shedding a tear but he marveled one more time at how grown-up they were. 

An eventful day

 The girls wanted to get some things before they got back to school.  All three headed to the Mall.  The warm Spring weather was encouraging as they searched for jeans, sandals and sleeveless shirts.  It was 1:30 PM.  They were just about done but decided to check out which movies were playing.  Surely they could get a matinee in before dinner.  The girls had planned to meet up with friends afterward, and they tried to negotiate a time.  Arielle called Cason to see if he had a preference for dinner, but he said he couldn’t make it and they should make plans without him.  

Matinee and dinner

They picked a “chick flick” a romantic comedy about mothers and daughters adapting to major life changes.   It was almost 7:00 pm when it was over. They chose a new restaurant nearby.   It was trendy with just the right lighting, music and the food was good.  While they were waiting for dessert, Ariel took a deep breath and said “I’m done. I’m getting a divorce.” The girls looked at each other and finally Annie said, “Well its about time!”.  “No kidding” echoed Lovey.   They hugged their mom. They were not children anymore.  They had seen the writing on the wall. 

They enjoyed their desert and headed home. Lovey and Annie crossed paths with their step-dad Cason, who was going out for the night.  The girls decided to stay home with their mom and played Forty-Fives for awhile before going to bed.  Arielle went to the hall closet and took out the bedding for the sofa-bed.   She was glad to have spent another great day with her girls.  She went to their rooms and kissed each one good night.  They were reading, and each one had a cat snuggling under the sheets. 

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3 thoughts on “The Girls were home today

  1. *sorry answered from my phone and got cut off. I tend to mix up stories and add some creativity to make them flow. This was a difficult assignment because I had to stay with time constraints- no “backstories” or “fore-telling”. Sometimes we know in our gut but stay for many reasons. Only the person in the middle of it has the power to decide when and how. Unfortunately sometimes people wait too long


  2. I cannot tell if this story is fact or fiction, but it does not really matter. The woman in the story is scared to tell her daughters, whom she thinks might not love her anymore for leaving their step-father (possibly meaning she has already uprooted them once before if she left their father through a divorce), for what she has decided to do. The daughters, meanwhile, have been waiting for her to decide to do this, having left it up to her to make her own decision “for herself.”
    Whether this decision is seen as a good one or a bad one by the woman, we cannot know for sure (though we can suspect). However, it appears, especially from the daughters’ viewpoints, to be a good one. Either way, it is a trying time for the woman, and we, the readers, must feel for her whatever we feel based on our own backstories.
    IMO, this is a good decision, based not on how you describe the step-father, but based on my experience. Falling in love (if that was indeed the the reason for the marriage in the first place) is easy to do. Falling out of love is even easier, because it is not as recognizable as falling in love. You know when you experience the highs of falling it love, it hits you like a bag of joy and desire. Falling out of love, on the other hand, creeps up silently on a person, in most cases. There is seldom a “big event” that jumps up and shouts “I don’t love you anymore”, or even worse, the slow realization that one is not loved anymore, even though the one still loves the other. But the result is the same…
    So, to try and bring this comment (which was intended to be just a few lines) to a conclusion, I would like to say that realizing when a relationship ends is something that is best done as soon as possible, no matter who ends it or what makes it end. Every day one spends in a dead relationship is another day of facing a closed door, when that door is best opened and walked through. Closed doors are shutting oneself off from the possibilities in life, while opening the door, and walking through it, opens a whole new world of pissibilities. Staying in the tried and failed leads to suffering, while getting away from the tried and failed requires strengths that when we find them makes us better people, and shows other people who we really are.
    Plaudits for having the strength to write this piece, Lindi. I think, if I haven’t said this already, you are an amazing person.

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