A Writer’s Illusions and Delusions

My heart quivers in anticipation  

As a thousand butterflies do pirouettes in my belly

close up photo of kitty laying on floor
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I’m awake and breathless with anticipation.

Or is it my allergic asthma because of the old oak tree outside my open window?

My belly quivers as if a million caterpillars crawl around trying on butterfly wings

Or… was it the chicken and curry from last night’s dinner?

When is it an illusion or a delusion?  When does a delusion become an illusion or is it the other way around.  Is it that difference in perception that makes one appear “crazy” or impractical?

 Ah, the questions that keep writers up at night. 

3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Illusions and Delusions

  1. So stop entertaining them. They are guests in your mind. Kick them out if they are overstaying their welcome. Like in-laws who seem like they will never leave, slam the door behind them.
    Then, quietly, sit at your keyboard, and write a story about the offenders, how they came to be in your mind, why they aggravated you so. Listen to those answers, and maybe you will come to peace with them.
    Much better than going to pieces because of them.


    1. Thanks as always for your feedback. I was going for an amusing anecdote and may have exaggerated a bit 🙃. I’m starting to realize that when I write my thoughts down, my sense of humor get lost in translation.😏 Thanks again for stopping by.


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