Dem Majority can set useful goals in the House

Great opinion piece by Ronald A Klain of the Washington Post.   Now that elections are over, the democratic party needs to focus on prioritizing the needs of the people to restore some kind of balance in our Democracy.  Its time now to “resist” the negativity by getting to work regardless of what Twitter spews from the WH.

One thought on “Dem Majority can set useful goals in the House

  1. Lindi, I agree. Thanks for sharing. Americans want them to govern and get things done. The House leadership will need to find areas where the Senate and President can each agree. Americans want the ACA stabilized and improved. Americans need infrastructure improvements and maintenance, which is long overdue and should have been done when interest rates were lower. Americans need to find some areas to address deficit and debt issues which are building, made worse by the tax cut primarily for corporations and wealthy. There are some tangible measures that shore up Social Security future deficits that are palatable to consider, eg. And, we need thoughtful, not punitive governance over various White House departments that have gotten free passes the past two years. The Dems need to focus on governance and collaboration to show Americans what it looks like. Keith

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