In Remembrance

I heard the broadcasts this morning, “It’s been seventeen years.”  Each year as September 11 approaches we are called to remember the day when the unthinkable happened.  We will remember exactly where we were and what we were doing the moment we first heard the news that our great and powerful nation was attacked on our soil.  That day in New York City there were no Republicans, no Democrats, no white, black, brown, yellow, or purple.  There were Americans fighting to survive together. We are called to remember as one nation “indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”  Let us remember, let us never forget that all that we hold so dear can be gone in the blink of an eye.

For the first responders and families who lost a loved one, the remembrance has been 17 years.   Each day they wake up without a mom or a dad, son, brother, sister, wife.  They may wake up with a scar, an illness from the fallen debris or ash-filled air.  All I have left is to pray for their continued peace and strength as I promise never to forget and tell the stories to the next generation.   

Let us not forget, let us not take our freedoms for granted.  We are not perfect as a nation, but it is possible to make it work.  

8 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. I don’t believe in forgive and forget. I believe it’s like that story of the kid whose dad tells him to go hammer nails in the wood and only to tell him to take them out again and notice that the holes remain.
    But anyway, about 9/11, unfortunately, that festering and revenge is real for many. I wanted to celebrate all those who gave a hand, who worked together, especially the first responders who gave their lives.
    This morning I saw a post circling on my newsfeed that perhaps says it better. She wrote “I miss 9/12… People were Americans before they were upper class/lower class, Jewish, Christian, Republican, Democrat. We hugged people without caring if they ate at Chic-Fil-A or wore Nike. On 9/12 it mattered more what united us than what divided us.” It’s too bad that it took a tragedy to unite us for however briefly. It’s my hope that we don’t need to live through that again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always appreciate it. Have a great day.


  2. If you don’t allow yourself to accept and forget, healing cannot take place. The tragic event will remain and fester, possibly popping up into unexpected violence at an inconvenient or totally inappropriate time. Remember the good times, not the bad. Heal the heart and heal the wound…

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    1. I sent a reply this morning but for some reason wasn’t attached to your comment. I appologize. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Please check for my response on the post.


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