The lovers, the dreamers and me

I was visiting my grandchildren in a “Biblebelt” state and it’s usually is a bit of a culture shock. It takes me a few days for my ears to adjust to the accent and for my brain to remember I’m in “polite company” in a very Red section of a Purple state. I wish I could say I was totally disconnected from the news and social media, but that’s not who I am. Despite spending days having fun with my granddaughters and their parents, it seems that the only thing my muse wants to talk about is politics, but I’m feeling like I need a Rainbow Connection instead. This is one of the first posts as I started writing this year. A blogger that I follow wrote a post that reminded me.

A Roze By Any Other Name

For this assignment, I try to conjure up a visual of who will read my blog- my audience. I’ve spent the past couple of days visiting other writers, looking at style and content while trying to imagine their respective audience. I find that there are some fabulous sites out there and I try not to be intimidated by the talent or expertise that I see. I know that I tend to enjoy sites that have a personal component even though it may be a business page. I decided to focus on MY passion – why am I writing? I’m writing to tell a story – simple as that.

Someday I may publish these writings for my granddaughters. However, I am envisioning my reader today, and that person looks something like me – in my soul. Regardless of gender, it will be someone who understands that there are great treasures in…

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4 thoughts on “The lovers, the dreamers and me

  1. I guess we need all kinds of bloggers, just like we need all kinds of people. My own blog, rawgodsspirituatheism, is a very serious blog. As my life draws to a close I don’t have much time for the light-hearted, the moments, as you say. Maybe I don’t take enough of those times to see the other side of life. But life, understandeing life, finding the purpose of life, those are the things that drive me. Exactly what drives you I do not know yet, but I often take time to see what you are up to. Whatever it is, keep it up. We do need all kinds of writers. And people.


    1. Funny you should say that. Sometimes I drive my family crazy by looking at “life from both sides.” I believe there is more to people, the world and life if you will, than what we see with our naked eye. I saw this TED Talk yesterday from 2011. I don’t know how you feel about Jane Fonda, but I thought it was interesting.
      I had a hard time copying this link. Hope it works


      1. Very strange, Lindi. The video page comes up, but it absolutely refuses to play. I am willing to listen to most things, but I never know how I will react to what I hear. Maybe I can get to this video by a different direction. I’ll let you know.


      2. It is from TED Talks. I found it interesting, not spectacular but food for thought. I searched Jane Fonda, TED Talks to find it again when your comments reminded me of her topic. Good luck


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