5 thoughts on “Aging & Society: 9 Reasons to Be Grateful About Getting Older | Get Old

  1. I tried to write a comment on the weebsite you gave, Lindi, but found out you had to be on Fb to do that. So I thought I w3ould leave it here, since you are indirectly responsible for saying this:
    I am grateful for many things, but mostly because I am alive. Death has never scared me, but life has given me the chance to learn, and to keep on learning.
    I am also grateful for my freedom. I do not mean freedom as in “the land of the free,” but as in the freedom to feel the spirit inside me, and know that I am not alone. “Not as in religious community, or god,” I am an atheist. My community is the community of life, which includes all living beings. There was a time I thought only humans counted, that idea is long in the garbage. Everyone counts. Everything counts. (Except the tobacco, for those Canadians who used to smoke Players’.)


    1. I was thinking about something similar on my plane ride yesterday. I am not afraid of death. I am content with my existence and I have told my loved ones so. Freedom of spirit is a beautiful thing. I am a believer but recognize that we all don’t follow the same path. Thanks for stopping by. All the best.


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