I’m Up for the Challenge!

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I was glad to stumble upon this challenge while looking for inspiration to revive my blog. I enjoy writing, and I’ve started blogging at least 3 times before but life gets in the way. I took the Blogging 101 course a couple of times, but after it finished, I had a hard time staying committed. I like working in community though. My aim is that my central theme for the A to Z challenge will be similar to my last post “The way we were, is who we are.” It’s about how our past affects our future. I believe that people are innately good so don’t expect that my blog will get dark and heavy. I will also try to stay away from religion and politics except for a passing reference.  I’m hoping that after 26 consecutive days, I will have formed a habit. Something like the “21-day fix”.

In choosing a theme, I was thinking of things that have been on my mind and unfinished on my computer, I’ve decided to stick with the subject about me. My blog is “Self-Censored.” I’m not sure the play on words comes across though. It’s about me, but I am different things to different people. Each person has a version of the “me” they are comfortable with, of the behavior or reaction they expect, but I am one – my Core is one. The basic ideas and values that I had when I was a kid – “coming of age,” if you will, are the same as the young bride, the widow, the mom, the grandma, the divorcee, the Sunday School teacher, the boss, the counselor, etc. The difference is I feel that I have “looked at life from both sides now” and I have a voice and power to act.  Old age has its perks after all.

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