Rewind_ Blogging 101_First Blog Assignment about Why I’m Here

I’m back!  I started with the last round of Blogging 101 at the beginning of the year.  I was trying to set up 2 blogs at once and somewhere along the way I got lost. When I first registered, I did it under my work blog Roz_Relocates_U.  I started writing here but posting there and then switched. I got stuck trying to research for the work blog, making it attractive for my audience and writing for the  workshop. I find I enjoy this one more so I’ve decided to start again and focus on my personal blog “Self Censored”. The name has changed from my original name.  The history of the metamorphosis and a bit about myself is in the previous posts.

Bottom line? I enjoy writing and right now I want to be creative and let my thoughts flow without having to worry too much about the outcome.  The feedback I was getting was helpful. I’m hoping to finish the four weeks and move on with a better blog and enthusiasm.